ALUMATE at Eighty Eight
__________ A Bespoke Marquee Project __________

Development Excellence Awards by Urban Taskforce Australia 2023

Status: Completed

Developer: JQZ

Architect: PTW Architects

Interior Designer: PTW Interiors

Builder: Amour Building

The leafy suburb of St Leonards on Sydney’s north shore has been undergoing an extensive renewal over the past few years. The main attraction in St. Leonards’ urban transformation is the Eighty Eight designed by JQZ. The upper-floor apartments of this complex take in stunning views of the Sydney harbour and skyline, while at ground level it is a bustling, vibrant retail, and dining precinct including supermarkets and a public library.

ALUMATE’s vast range of bespoke finishes can be used to complement the design vision of any project, which made it an ideal choice for the Eighty Eight. This particular undertaking required the team to go one step further, and design tailored solutions across multiple applications that would meet the building’s distinct visual identity, while still offering high performance and a straightforward installation process.

The Eighty Eight required several different ALUMATE products ranging from battens to soffit cladding. The bespoke element, however, is best seen through the design and manufacture of customised aluminium ceiling cladding in the form of cubes within the precinct. The ALUMATE team successfully addressed the significant complexity of this project, by ensuring the cubes varied in dimensions in certain areas, allowing for service access in other sections, and accommodating additional fixtures such as speakers or lights in specific locations.

When it came to installation, the expertise of ALUMATE’s knowledgeable teams shone through. In an installation as complex as this, involving multiple different shapes and configurations, having an experienced workforce to get the job done with minimal fuss is essential. ALUMATE’s fabrication, logistics and design teams expertly collaborated with the onsite contractors to ensure this complex installation was completed with precision and ease.

The products are available in a range of realistic timber-look finishes; perfect for designers and specifiers who are seeking a timber finish without the material limitations of genuine wood. In addition to the exceptional safety and performance features of ALUMATE products, they are also able to provide a wide variety of powder-coated and anodised finishes.