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ALUMATE offers high quality Aluminium building products, available in a variety of beautiful finishes.

To meet the needs of designers and owners, ALUMATE provides services that include design, manufacture, and product installation solutions.

ALUMATE Aluminium building products are  durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and are supplied with a 15-year powder coating warranty.

ALUMATE delivers architectural products constructed from diverse materials with various aesthetic finishes. Our solutions are versatile, catering not only to residential and commercial sectors, but also to healthcare, education, industrial, urban engineering projects as well as various renovation and recladding needs.

Product Solutions

One-stop solution to bring design visions to life

Alumate offers designers and architects an extensive range of lightweight aluminium building products and associated systems. In addition to Alumate aluminium cladding, Alumate aluminium ceilings, and Alumate aluminium screens, Alumate can also provide designers with customised aluminium products for diverse architectural applications.

Alumate ensures that its products accomplish the designer’s vision and ensure that all products maintain their required aesthetics, are easy to install, are durable, and fully achieve their intended purpose.






Finishing Options

ALUMATE offers a variety of decorative aluminium finishing options including Woodgrain, Powder Coating, Anodizing, and Specialty Finishes for interior and exterior applications.

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