The SOL’ART shading system offers significant architectural aesthetic value. In addition to controlling direct sunlight and reducing heat, it enhances comfort by regulating ventilation, thereby promoting healthy indoor air quality and improving the overall building environment. ALUMATE’s SOL’ART shading systems serve as outdoor screens for patios, balconies, and verandas, as well as interior windows, providing shading solutions for both commercial and residential applications.


The SOL’ART range offers versatile architectural solutions, giving our customers the option of a flexible and simple solution to their external solar control requirements.

SOL’ART Shading Fixed

The SOL‘ART Shading Fixed blade system can be set to a predetermined angle depending on the desired outcome. Its design not only provides customised solar heat and natural light control, it also privacy and weather protection.

SOL’ART Shading Manual

The SOL’ART Shading Manual blade system can be easily controlled by manually adjusting the blade angle. Our high-quality pivots only move when needed and can be done with ease.

SOL’ART Shading Motorised

The SOL’ART Shading Motorised system allows for automatic adjustment of the blades by simply flicking a switch or pressing a button on the remote control.

SOL’ART Shading Folding

The SOL’ART Shading Folding blade system is motorised and permits seamless appearance changes with just the flick of a switch changing a static facad to shaded windows.


Each individual product group offers unique sun control benefits and features.


  Solar heat repulsion
  Passive heating and cooling
  Natural illumination – ‘daylighting’
  Glare reduction
  UV protection
  Reduction of Building Operation Costs
  Reduction of Green House effects
  Weather protection – sheltering
  Design aesthetics

Efficient Control

All our operable systems can be controlled manually, with a flick of a switch, or even “intelligently” through a building’s façade management system. SOL’ART automated control systems incorporate sensors for detecting and tracking sunlight, rain, wind, and can economically adapt to control seasonal, daily, or even hourly solar temperatures and natural light within any building’s interior. No human intervention is required.


Designed primarily for external applications our quality SOL’ART Sun Shading Systems are made to withstand the harshest Australian conditions while benefitting our customers with unsurpassed functionality, intelligent control and energy saving devices without compromising on style.