88 Christie St, St. Leonards, NSW

Architects & Designer: PTW Architects
Construction By: Armour Building

In 2022, the St. Leonards City Council constructed a new access passageway connecting Wadanggari Park to St. Leonards Station.

In keeping with the design philosophy of Wadanggari Park, the perforated pattern of the new building's façade also incorporates Aboriginal paintings as its theme.


Perforated Panel in 'Weathered Steel' Flat finish

The design of the 30-meter-long modern corridor is a unique snapshot of innovative decoration. Upon entering the passage, it evokes the feeling of traveling through time and space as regularly spaced bright white lights illuminate the surroundings. One wall of the passage is adorned with three-dimensional frames hung on the walls which contain black and white photographs and historical briefs regarding historic St. Leonards.