AUMATE in St Leonards Retail Precinct

88 by JQZ is the epitome of luxury lifestyle in North Sydney. PTW and JQZ chose ALUMATE Custom Soffit Solutions to create a visionary precinct and truly exceptional living environments.


Customised Ceiling Panel


WoodGrain Finish (Special Colour)

ALUMATE worked meticulously with the architect and the client to not only meet but exceed their design intents and visions.

ALUMATE’s in-house designers ensured that each square inch of the soffit is fully custom-made with a clear objective before the colour selection and fabrication. For this project, the team was able to exclusively produce a finish to match the specific design intent for the building to emphasise the vibrant energy of the retail precinct.

Despite the combinations of large and uniquely shaped panels, ALUMATE’s fabrication, logistics and design team’s seamless collaboration assured for precise and efficient installation.

Whilst still nearing completion, ALUMATE is at front and centre of the focal point in St Leonards’ monumental urban transformation.