Charming Seaside Apartments - ILUKA Residences,
Mona Vale NSW 2103

A short walk to the sea and across the road from the delightful Mona Vale Golf Club...

Architect: PBD Architects
Builder/Installer: Gledhill Constructions


The ILUKA Residences located less than 200 metres from the beautiful Mona Vale Beach, were designed by PBD Architects and feature ALUMATE products that satisfy the corrosion-resistance and durability requirements of its screening and soffit lining.


Image by PBD Architects

ALBX10050 & ALC16515 (American Oak Woodgrain P/Coated Finish)


PBD Architects selected American Oak Woodgrain Finish - a new surface heat transfer technology, which complements the building’s white exterior perfectly. This coating not only enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal but also significantly improves the corrosion resistance of the underlying aluminium, ensuring it can withstand the effects of seawater over an extended period.

ALUMATE’s one-piece batten system and the simple shiplap style of the ceiling lining allowed for the quick installation of the screening and soffit with the aim to save time and be cost-effective.

As highlighted by this project, situated on the edge of the exquisite Mona Vale beach, it is almost certain that the woodgrain ALUMATE screens and soffit linings will continue to attract attention with their durability and simplistic aesthetic.