Seamless Joint System at WSU Campus in Bankstown NSW

HDR Architecture aimed to design a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that represented close ties between industry, community, and business. They achieved this by featuring bright red escalators as the focal point of the building, rising up from the entrance and contributing to a vibrant atmosphere.

The designers faced a challenge during the project as there was no existing product or system on the market that could produce a seamless appearance, which was necessary to convey the continuous connections between teaching and research to the broader industry and community.


Seamless Joint System


(Special Colour)

To overcome this challenge, ALUMATE developed and manufactured a patented Seamless Joint system. This system was specifically designed to meet the needs of the project. Alumate's success in achieving a seamless appearance was made possible by our patented hook-on and shiplap connections, which was integral to the success of the Seamless Joint System. This innovative system allowed for the perfect execution of the seamless joints, and ultimately achieved the desired look that the architect had envisioned.

ALUMATE's R&D team played a critical role in the project's success. The final product consisted of beautifully presented panels in a bright red colour, featuring seamless joints that surpassed the expectations of the architects. The continuous appearance achieved by Alumate's patented system contributed to the overall aesthetic of the building and successfully symbolised the interconnectedness of industry, community, and business.