The Orchard Childcare Centre,
Forestville NSW 2087

Architect: Liquid Design Pty Ltd
Builder/Installer: Cyclo Group

Childcare centres are meant to instil a feeling of warmth and belonging to those who attend and that begins with the exterior, where first impressions will matter. As a result, the architects at Liquid Design Pty Ltd decided to specify ALUMATE aluminium batten screening with a timber-look powder coat for this project. ALUMATE screening with timber-look powder coat was chosen as the warm reddish hues of the Cherry powder coat serve to break up the façade of the building with natural colours.


ALCL05050 'Cherry' Woodgrain Powder Coat Finish

When it comes to façades it is important to consider the maintenance and longevity of the products that are installed over the course of time. ALUMATE products are incredibly low maintenance which in combination with their resilience to weathering solidifies their position as a superior product for external use. With colour warranted for 10 years* it is something that is not going to need replacing in a hurry. This longevity combined with its ease of installation, with the simple click on two-piece system, saves both time and money for the owner as less hours are needed to install and maintain it.

Another selling point of ALUMATE timber-look batten screening is its versatility in application. With many different profiles to choose from with varying widths, as well as two fixing methods ALUMATE batten screening is not only flexible in design but practical in its purpose. For this project the exteriors of both the batten end caps and the batten backing channel were powder coated to match the batten screening to obscure unsightly edges or silver linings.

As seen through this simple yet effective use of ALUMATE aluminium batten screening the importance of natural woodgrain looks to brighten up a building’s façade is elevated when the product is both long lasting and easy to install.