The Grand Park Homebush: ALUMATE in Practice

Architect: Mosca Pserras Architects
Developer: JQZ
Installer : Armour Building
Supplier: INNOARC Australia

The Grand Park Homebush apartment project developed by JQZ and designed by Mosca Pserras Architects is a beacon of residential construction. Well situated near public transport, Sydney’s CBD, supermarkets, retail outlets, and education centres its prime location is only surpassed by its impeccable design.

Versatile and pleasing to behold ALUMATE’s soffit battens were a perfect fit for the open-air foyer of the complex. Composed of a two-piece system and constructed of solid aluminium with a realistic timber-look powder coat ALUMATE’s slatted ceiling provides a feeling of warmth and a natural touch to further accentuate the organic design of the entry. Additionally, the simplistic nature of ALUMATE’s installation allows for quick project completion as attested to by the work of the installer, Armour Building.

Besides quality, ALUMATE also prides itself on our ability to provide technical support and bespoke solutions. This is showcased by the impressive and professional feature fins installed on the face of 8 stories. These fins grant a measure of respite from the Australian sun as well as providing an aesthetic focal point, contrasting the stark white of the wall with the monument grey of the fins. By working with our technical team, the designers were able to fashion not only a practical but also a fashionable solution for their project’s design.

It is through projects like this one that continue to highlight ALUMATE’s relevance as an aluminium system supplier and designer. ALUMATE is continually expanding its range of products and with our ability to create custom profiles and fabrications the options are almost as varied and versatile as aluminium itself.