Architectural Rendering by PTW Architects ALUMATE product systems can be tailor made to any architectural design intent. Workable Designs, Reliable Systems

ALUMATE product is an integral part of overall building design requirements for Cladding, Ceiling, Screening and Shading in buildings are generally the same regardless of the building material used, ongoing maintenance and fire performance are currently and will continue to prove as important considerations.

Our Services


Non-combustible product range with
reliable systems to suit any project.

Concepts to Completion

Bespoke fabrication and engineering
to achieve your design intent.

Non-combustible Alumate Screening
with a natural woodgrain finish.

Creating a beautiful and organised layout.

Alumate Cladding

Enhances the look and feel of any outdoor façade,
soffit and internal wall & ceiling linings.

Alumate Ceiling

Reliable and easy to install systems offering
great range of profiles.

Alumate Screening

Wide array of finishes coupled with beautiful and uniformed layout.
Alumate Screening offers stunning results for unlimited applications.

Durable Alumate
Shading Louvres

Providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Custom Design

ALUMATE offers bespoke fabrication and engineering services to achieve your design intent with a reliable system.